Pool & Snack Shack

pool w ring

The pool is open. Come on in!


RHCC is issuing photo ID cards for members using the swimming pool this year.  All members ages 12 and up will be required to show their ID cards in order to use the pool.  To obtain your ID card, please email the office at ldapp@comcast.net or call the office at 270-554-4508, Ext 1, to request your cards.  If you do not have a picture on file, you will need to have your picture made at the Clubhouse or email us one.


Guest cards are available for purchase in the bar for $50 for 5 visits.  Each membership may purchase two cards per season.  Members must be present with the guest.  A guest is allowed two visits per month during the season. Cards must be presented to the lifeguard at the pool, and guests must sign the guest book.


Pool parties may be booked during the summer season by Rolling Hills’ members only.  The cost is $150 for up to 20 swimmers; it also includes two lifeguards and the use of the downstairs rec room.  The cost is $25 for 10 additional swimmers.  Any parties scheduled outside of normal pool hours will incur an additional charge of $10 per hour per lifeguard. To check availability or to reserve your party, call the Office at 270.554.4508, Ext. 1.

Click here to download the RHCC Rental Contract.



The Snack Shop will be open this season on Friday, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.  When the Snack Shop is open, NO OUTSIDE food will be permitted at the pool.
Help us support our Snack Shop and enjoy a delicious lunch and great snacks !!!

Pool Hours 2017

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