All in a day’s work — and what a day it was!! Grassmasters from Indiana arrived with two semi’s, tractor, machinery and a staff of seven ready to plant Latitude 36 sod on the collars. And the Turf Staff had everything ready!!

Sod was unloaded, and the work began!! Care had to be taken not to disturb the greens. Six 4 x 8 sheets of plywood were carefully placed around each green and moved in succession with the help of Turf Staff and a great group of volunteers from Rolling Hills. This allowed the job to move along and be completed in timely fashion.

Thanks to volunteers Kent Bohanon, Joe Chambers, Lisa Dapp, Jason Goodyke, Eric Hoffman, Cletus Poat and Kevin Rhinehart for pitching in to help the Turf Staff and the team from Grassmasters.

It won’t be long now!!!!


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