Renovation Update 7-16-2018

The Turf Management team spent the weekend adequately defoliating the existing putting surface through the use of verti-cutting and mowing, this is something that normally take 2-3 full 8 hour days…hats off to the crew for the impressive teamwork that help use efficiently perform the task in 11 hours.

While the rains Sunday slowed us down a touch, we were still able perform aerification procedures to 6 greens.

This morning the crew arrived eager to work.  They are still on the course at 5:20pm finishing up the aerification clean-up process.  It is hard, tedious, dirty work but we all stayed on task and will achieve our daily goal to keep this greens conversion on schedule.

Tomorrow morning we will begin leveling out the greens, rolling the surfaces, adding amendments to the soil, and removing collar dams and checking all greens for obstructed surface drainage.

The sprigs should arrive tomorrow evening in a refrigerated truck and Champion Turf Farms will begin sprig installation Wednesday morning.

Check back soon for further updates !!  If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Kraig Binder at or on his cell at 270-217-1331.  You can follow along online by checking out our blog on and  following on Twitter @RHCCGolfSuper.